29 augusti 2013

THE INTERNET EXPLAINED 90s - everythingisterribleDOTcom


Scenes from Internet and Street Smarts 90s

Internet before search engines- from the 1990's point of view

Imagine NO hyperlinks, No Google or Yahoo, typing web addresses MANUALLY, No 

mouse, NO touch or flat screens, CD/DVD tech was Science-Fiction, dial-up Internet 

connect@56k was awesome, and what was wireless? Trine Gallegos hosts this 

segment that was taped in 1995 when the Internet was first becoming an icon. This 

an interesting look back at how clunky the applications really were. What did 

people do without Google, YouTube, Facebook, SmartPhones, Twitter, Craigslist, 

eBay, Apple. Guests: Robert Huff, Mike McKnelly. Subjects: Telnet Antioch Library 

Contra Costa County FTP Gopher Archie Lynx browser NASA News Yellow Pages Free 

Games Research Information Superhighway.

Internet users guide from 1990 - Embarassing 2013